Accelerating Business Growth

Driving economic and social outcomes across the UK through targeted growth acceleration programmes.

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Innovation Accelerator Programmes

We work with councils, local authorities, anchor institutions and industry clusters to drive positive business outcomes by harnessing Productive Innovation as an engine for growth.

Our long-format programmes take a unique approach to supporting SMEs to achieve growth outcomes, supporting them through tailored, achievable and value-lead activities to make real progress on new business ideas, services & products, and adoption of new technologies and processes.

Achieving Socio-Economic Growth Across the UK


Examples of our Programmes

BIG South London

We collaborated with five London borough councils, alongside higher education institutions and other local anchor partners to activate and onboard a cohort of SMEs for acceleration.

Single Swan


2 Toucans

This programme sets out to engage new and existing businesses, anchor institutions, local hubs, talent and communities to develop opportunities that drive productive innovation in the region.


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“For businesses that need help with diversifying, this programme is really good in giving you the tools and time to think about new ideas separate from your normal working environment. Being taught how to work through idea generation in a really logical, simple way just makes the process much easier.”

Katrina Dickinson

Managing Director at Metaphor

“What I really valued about the programme was the structured process that Studio Zao took us all through to crystallise the problem that we were trying to solve, for whom we were solving it, why it was important, and the value of solving that particular problem for our key stakeholders.”

Graham Kennedy

Founder/Director at Alexoria Consulting

There has been a strong degree of understanding, empathy and flexibility in how Studio Zao have pivoted with the circumstances that we’re facing on the programme, and that’s why we’re keen to keep working with them beyond the end of the contract.

Paul Kirkbright

Head of Partnerships at Business Innovation & Growth South London (Sponsor / Client)

“We came into the programme with an idea that we felt was already ready to go to market. But we took a step back and by taking it through this very structured and rigorous process, we found that we’ve refined it and actually transformed it into a much stronger, simpler and more credible idea.”

Jill Finch

Director at Branch & Bird and Autistic Community Hub CIC