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Delivered a Remote Innovation Strategy Alignment Workshop for Senior Leaders

We designed and delivered a series of strategic alignment workshops for senior leaders at Target Corporation.


Target is a leading global consumer retailer with thousands of stores, a global capabilities centre abroad and more than a dozen sourcing offices around the world. They are an innovative and future-thinking organisation, running innovation initiatives from technology-focused exploration programmes to startup accelerators and capability development programmes.


Innovation has for a long time been a key driver of growth for the retailer. Over the past decade, they’ve made some notable acquisitions across the retail value chain, namely in the online delivery service and cosmetics retail areas.

But with the world-changing faster and more unpredictably than ever, they know that the organisations who win must continue to transform and innovate from the inside in order to adapt and thrive.

The global retailer asked Studio Zao to help design and deliver two workshops to align a cohort of senior executive leaders on their strategic direction and principles for innovation.


Drawing on our expertise in corporate intrapreneurship, we aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Align senior stakeholders around the retailer’s current innovation strategic direction and landscape, what’s working well and where the barriers are.
  2. Identify a high-level roadmap of principles to focus on based on a common understanding of the organisation’s drivers, challenges and needs.

Both workshops were run on Zoom conference calls, with multiple teams collaborating using virtual whiteboarding tool Miro.

Bespoke Workshop Design

We worked with stakeholders to understand the innovation systems they employ today and designed a bespoke workshop process built around them.

The workshop covered two broad areas:

  1. Building mutual consensus on a strategic innovation framework, with guiding KPIs to drive and incentivise innovation across the organisation.
  2. Mapping the current and future state of Innovation at the retailer, identifying the opportunities for collaboration between its different innovation units.

Initial Stakeholder Insights

In advance of the workshops, we ran a survey across their innovation leaders to gather their individual perspectives on their current state of innovation.

We used the insights as a starting point for the workshops, shedding light on the different and often complementary perspectives across departments and functional units.

Workshop Setup

We set up the workshop journey using the virtual whiteboard tool Miro, where teams would collaboratively work on a series of structured exercises.

Using our experience in sprint delivery and facilitation, we designed the whiteboard to help teams quickly visualise and apply innovation concepts.

Workshop Delivery

On the day, teams joined Zoom conference calls, where we fluidly transferred them between plenary sessions and breakout rooms with their teams.


By the end of the workshops, our client achieved a unified vision of the strategic imperatives for their innovation efforts.

This served as the starting point for a wider, more tactical and practical discussion about their roadmap and how to evolve the company culture to leverage a stronger innovation mindset.

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