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Delivered a Remote Intrapreneurship Programme to Capture Digital Growth Opportunities

We helped AptarGroup build intrapreneurial capabilities and launch a roadmap of innovative digital initiatives to capture rapid global market shifts. Thanks to this Intrapreneurship Programme, Aptar launched an innovation pipeline with digital propositions which present strong short and long term value, led by cross-functional innovators within the organisation.


Aptar is a global supplier of a broad range of consumer packaging solutions, working with top brands in over 15 countries. Their innovative solutions serve a variety of end markets including pharmaceutical, beauty, personal care, home, food and beverage.
They have headquarters in 4 continents, employ 12,000 perople and serve clients such as Coca-Cola, Heinz, Unilever, GSK and L’Oreal.


In recent years, Aptar has faced significant changes to its industry, including shifts in consumer market value chains and regulatory pressure around sustainability. They appreciate, nevertheless, that the domain of “digital” enables entire industries to work together, with new forms of interaction, optimisation and collaborative innovation.

Aptar took a proactive approach to transform by asking Studio Zao to drive a series of remote intrapreneurship programmes across their geographies and regions, to reshape their business in the context of digital opportunities by empowering internal expertise and talent.


Starting with a regional focus, Studio Zao designed and delivered an intrapreneurship programme to achieve two key goals:

  1. Build a Digital Innovation Pipeline — Add a number of new solutions to the region’s digital innovation portfolio.
  2. Foster an Intrapreneurial Capability — Generate an internal sustainable innovation capability grounded on entrepreneurial mindsets and tools

The programme spanned 4 months and covered the full innovation cycle, from Strategic Alignment and Innovation Briefs to Pitching & Evaluation.

  • Strategic Alignment

    Interviews with senior stakeholders covering customer needs, market opportunities and business challenges in the regional context. A review of this followed by an alignment on digital innovation priorities and opportunities was conducted in a remote session. This process enabled three distinct innovation teams to surface from the cohort, providing the right skill set and perspective needed to tackle each opportunity. 

  • Innovation Brief Refinement

    Creation of clear Innovation Briefs, to direct each innovation team to an opportunity area.

  • Customer Discovery

    Teams were guided to conduct Customer Discovery interviews with Aptar’s clients focused on understanding and validating the underlying customer needs. 

  • Ideation

    Generation of ideas that address Innovation Briefs via a rapid “sprint”-style remote workshop involving cross-functional teams.

  • Prototyping

    Co-creation of proposition prototype mock-ups, to help communicate the product and customer narrative through exciting visuals.

  • Business Case

    Formulation of a roadmap and lean business case for testing the propositions in-market via digital experiments with clear responsibilities assigned.

  • Pitching

    A culmination of the programme through an exciting ‘pitch’ event, with 3 teams presenting their propositions and articulating strategic value to senior stakeholders


We helped Aptar launch its innovation pipeline with digital propositions which present strong short and long term value, led by cross-functional innovators within the organisation.

The intrapreneurship programme has paved the way for a repeatable process which over time will embed intrapreneurial culture within Aptar and yield concepts to feed the region’s innovation pipeline. 

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