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Commercial Market Validation for Funded Early-Stage Startup Ventures (Remote)

Bespoke 8-12 week Market Validation Sprint to help funded early-stage startup founders achieve data-backed traction and fit

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Like an interim Chief Commercial Officer, we help you zero-in on a strong and compelling value proposition for a clearly defined early-adopter segment to make your first sale or raise your next round of funding.

Starting a venture is exciting and visionary. You believe there is a need or problem in the world and you are passionate about addressing it with an innovative solution idea. But believing you’re onto a winner and actually proving it are two different things.

We help you prove it.


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Market Validation

Defining Your Early-Adopter Segment

Early-stage ventures must be able to demonstrate deep understanding of precisely who their early-adopters are and what their early-adopters’ pain points and needs are. We help you paint a clear picture of your early-adopters and their needs by gathering data through systematic testing and validation.

Refining Your Value Proposition

The primary strategic aim of any early-stage venture is to clarify and articulate a strong and compelling narrative of what value you provide a defined early-adopter segment. This entails proving and disproving the fundamental assumptions underpinning your proposition. We help you do this through gathering data, interpreting it, making informed decisions to pivot or alter your direction, until you arrive at that strong and compelling narrative.

Acquiring Your First Customer

Early-stage ventures need to be clear on which channels to use for acquiring customers, most often the early-adopter segment. It’s crucial to know the efficacy of each channel and the ROI associated with utilising them. We help you test and measure the efficiency of different channels and plan your customer acquisition strategy accordingly.

Identifying Your Price Point

Pricing strategy is be a key strategic lever and a tool to drive the customer traction you want to see. We help you formulate and test different pricing strategies and to pinpoint the strategy and price point that is optimal for your proposition and roadmap.


We take your visionary proposition and help you test it with real customers to show commercial viability and market fit. We gather the data needed to help you craft the right go-to-market and customer acquisition strategy.



    We conduct a baseline of your startup’s venture development journey through our bespoke Venture Baseline™ tool to benchmark and identify gaps in your journey thus far.


    We formulate together with you a tailored validation and testing plan based on the gaps identified, setting clear hypotheses to prove and metrics to target.


    We work with you to set up and mobilise for the sprint, engaging customers and partners, and setting up any required physical/digital assets and environments for the sprint.



    We collaborate with you, your team, customers and partners, to execute and project manage the sprint, tracking and monitoring data continuously.


    We systematically experiment with different customer acquisition channels to understand precisely which ones are the most effective for your proposition.


    We help you engage directly with target early-adopter customers through interviews, discovery sessions and demos to gather detailed insights for segmentation and drive conversion to pilot or paid customers.



    We review the data and insights on customer segments, channels and pricing collected during the sprint together with you.


    We assess the core value proposition of your venture based on the insights collected and make appropriate recommendations on small changes or bigger pivots.


    We plot a bespoke path forward for you for either further market validation and development, or a go-to-market strategy.


”It is great to see how far iSono Health has come and we couldn’t have done it without Studio Zao’s input. Not only did they help us over-achieve on our $4m seed round but they also helped us to learn more about our customers. Through their expert guidance and informative coaching throughout the project we now know how to effectively market our product and have a structured deliverable to show for evidence. It was great to work with a knowledgeable team. We now look forward to expanding the team and receiving our FDA approval.’’

Maryam ZiaeiFounder and CEO of iSono Health — raised $4M+ in seed funding as a result of our Market Validation Sprinthttp://www.isonohealth.com

“For the first time I felt that taking a product or a service from an idea to a reality is actually something that I could do, and not limited to a selected few with a magic formulae”.

Andrea GuzzoniFounder and CEO, Rentuu.com (backed by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Founder of EasyJet and EasyGroup)

“Studio Zao helped us identify consumer problems worth solving in order to design and deliver a rapid innovation sprint. They took us through a strategic and immersive venture building process, with 3 propositions going forward into pilots and a number of entrepreneurial talents recognised in the business”

Emily HaynesHead of Incubation, Pentland Brands (home to Speedo, Berghaus, Lacoste, Ellesse)


Land your first sales
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Dedicated Sprint Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated and experienced Sprint Manager in charge of your market validation sprint. They will scope and define a clear project plan and success KPIs with you, ensuring our broader team are always aligned and deliver on-time to achieve those KPIs.

Community of Experts in Growth, Tech, Design and Marketing

We run a lean startup venture community of 5,000+ entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We are at the heart of an extensive network of experienced domain experts who we bring into Market Validation Sprints when required.

Regular Project Sync-up

You don’t need live in our HQ location of London, UK, to be able to work together with our expert venture builders. We can work remotely and regularly sync-up via video calls for facilitated project execution, updates and virtual whiteboarding sessions.

Fluid Remote-Working Setup

Remote work can be tricky if not well-organised. We have run Market Validation Sprints for startups across the world in multiple timezones, and we have refined our approach. We combined a suite of flexible and well-known tools such as Slack and Asana to ensure you have full visibility and transparency and feel safe in delivery.


Check out how we enabled iSono Health to raise a multi-million dollar seed funding round by conducting a 8-week market validation campaign.

Learn more about our bespoke Market Validation Sprints to help funded early-stage startup founders achieve data-backed traction and fit.

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