Starting your business doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time.

There are three key ingredients that we’ll help you master

Understand who your customers really are and what they need

Define a clear action plan to get your first paying customer

convince investor raise money

Use customer evidence to convince investors and raise funds

Lean Startup Weekend | Start Your Business In 3 Days

Our expert venture builders will help you identify target customer segments, formulate your value proposition, and design the right experiments to test your idea.

You will leave with a clear and validated plan of action, knowing exactly what you need to do and how.

You will have real customer feedback and validation for your idea to present to potential investors.

Afterwards, we can help coach you through the early steps of your entrepreneurial journey.


  • Lean Startup Fundamentals

    You will review the key principles and methodology behind systematic venture development.


  • Frame and develop your idea

    You will distill the core of your idea into a clear problem-solution narrative ready for customers.

  • Test your narrative with real customers

    You will meet with real, potential customers, to test your assumptions.


  • Refine your idea and roadmap

    You will use insights gathered from customers to hone your proposition and build your roadmap.

  • Prepare your pitch and sell your vision

    You will put together your refined business idea and pitch your vision.

We’ve helped hundreds of startups and founders.

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Studio Zao is a boutique innovation studio who help individuals and organisations to develop entrepreneurial ventures and skills.


Founders we have supported


Startups we have helped

Whether it’s thinking about the future of an industry, training entrepreneurial skills, setting prove-able innovation strategies, or executing innovation experiments, Studio Zao’s practical and open-innovation approach helps individuals and organisations to be more entrepreneurial.

Studio Zao support clients across a range of industries, such as Sony Music Entertainment, Institute of Cancer Research, Imperial College London, Pentland Brands, the NHS, University College London and the London School of Economics.

A life changing experience.

“I am really happy that I attended this weekend. It feels like all the ideas I have in mind might one day become real. Since I have zero knowledge in business and entrepreneurial stuff, this course was proved to be really helpful. It opened my horizons and the ability to think in a different way. Will highly recommend it to other entrepreneurs.”

Maria Soares Cachide de Almeida

“The steps taken to generate an idea felt very useful. I was surprised to realise how an idea can come out of seemingly nowhere. Other people’s feedback of what they found useful at the end of exercises felt eye-opening to some aspects that were not evident in the beginning.”

Marian Robert

“I really liked the fact it was very much interactive and practical. The whole process helped us have better understanding of our ideas. I think every activity is well-organized and almost perfect, it was a really great weekend!!”.

Anbing Xu

“This was one of the best and most useful events I’ve attended and would definitely recommend this to everyone. It was very practical, informative and interactive – a really good kickstart for anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.”

Giulio Scola

“I found the weekend very useful as it helped me tap into aspects of my idea that I never thought about by asking key questions to myself, as well as assessing its need within the market place.”

Imran Saro-Gobir

“Overall, I really enjoyed all the sessions, and this was an outstanding weekend learning experience. I can definitely say that this was one of the best courses I ever attended! Thank you so much for this amazing experience.”

Sandra Magalhães

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Drinks, lunch and lifetime digital access to the weekend’s materials included.


Friday 1st November 18:00 to Sunday 3rd November 17:00


Friday 29th November 18:00 to Sunday 1st December 17:00