• Intrapreneurs Office Hours: Meet Our Expert Corporate Venture Builders

Intrapreneurs Office Hours

Meet our expert venture builders


Want to talk about your intrapreneurial journey?

So do we!

We run Intrapreneurs Founders Office Hours every second Friday of the month, in the afternoon.

It’s a free-of-charge, no-strings-attached 30 minute session in our offices with one of our expert venture builders, dedicated to helping innovators working on a business idea or product concept in their organisations.

We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders succeed


Founders we have supported


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At Studio Zao we help organisations and founders launch new products and ventures while developing entrepreneurial capabilities. We see a future where everyone will embrace entrepreneurial principles to make a difference.

We work with clients across a range of industries, such as Sony Music Entertainment, Institute of Cancer Research, Imperial College London, Pentland Brands, the NHS, University College London and the London School of Economics.


We look forward to speaking with you!

Intrapreneurs Office Hours: Meet Our Expert Corporate Venture Builders


“Awesome coaching chat with Studio Zao – incredibly responsive and constructive! Highly recommend for anyone looking to push their business idea forward & gain some clarifications.”

Viola StockliManagement Assistant and Side Hustler

“I would never build a startup again without coaching, as it gives you the best chance to succeed and helps you understand whether there really is a need for your product or if it is best left as an idea”.

Connor ReddyDesigner and entrepreneur

“Coaching sessions has saved us ample time, finances and resources on the pursuance of a direction with no validated standing”.

Vipul ModiInnovator and former Dental Surgery practitioner

“During the coaching sessions we have learnt the importance of establishing contacts with the potential clients and assess market needs, rather than focusing only on the development of the technology”.

Andrea Rodriguez-MartinezResearch Associate in Population Health and Side Hustler

“Both Jamie and Davide have been incredibly helpful for our journey as an early venture starting from nothing more than a vague idea. The most helpful part was the constant emphasis on identifying the pain points. There are so many issues that you need to address as a founder and it is so easy to lose focus of what the key value proposition is and whether we are really testing the need for the product.”

Woochan HwangCo-Founder at Affect.AI & Medical student at Imperial College London