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The first online accelerator programme exclusively designed for people with a day job who want to make real progress with their business idea

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COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

Working from home? Use this time to make real progress on your business idea, gain new entrepreneurial skills, receive advice from the online Startup ecosystem, and support the WHO in the fight against COVID-19.

Delivered in collaboration with Pearson Business School and Bubl, we will be donating all proceeds from our Side Hustles | Online Accelerator Programme to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

What You’ll Leave With

Make professional progress

Real progress with your business idea

This a practical sprint-based process led by experienced venture-builders to help you make actual progress on your business idea, not a training workshop to teach you theory. We do stuff for real.

Learn new skill set

New entrepreneurial skills

Hone your skill set by developing your idea and learning the key elements to succeed at business. Balancing the books, identifying new opportunities and growing your business requires the right mindset.

Gain feedback from ecosystem

Advice from Startup ecosystem

Meet other like-minded individuals and start building your business network, learn from some of the best minds in the Startup ecosystem and get professional, useful feedback on your idea.

Looking to Start Your Own Business?

Are you frustrated with your job and think your business idea could fly? Be more than your day job, be a Side Hustler!

Side hustles are probably the most common entrepreneurial activity among employees in any large organisation. Having a business idea while employed full time – often results in a dilemma: “Should I quit now and pursue my idea full time? Or should I wait until I have more evidence?”

Side Hustles | Online Accelerator Programme Modules

venture builder facilitator
The Design Sprint
Pitch Perfect Public Playback

How We’ll Help You Get There

Our Side Hustles | Online Accelerator London Programme provides a solid foundation for launching your business with practical workshops, talks and Q&As with venture builders, design, legal and financial experts.

These online modules will address some of the key challenges and themes involved in launching your own venture like validating your idea in the market, identifying your customers, getting traction for your idea, pitch and preparing to take the big leap.

  • Protect Your Idea

    Wednesday 15th April

    If you have a killer side hustle idea, chances are the competition will want to get their hands on it. Protecting your idea requires a good understanding of the fundamentals of Intellectual Property (IP).

    Guest speaker: Jeremy Holmes, Head of Intellectual Property at Venture Capital IP Group plc. IP Group is a leading intellectual property commercialisation organisation which focuses on evolving great ideas, mainly from its partner universities, into world-changing businesses.

    Contact us to catch up with this webinar on our dedicated Slack channel

  • Develop Your Prototype With Design Thinking

    Wednesday 22nd April

    Before you can go to market, you’ll need a prototype. Prototypes allow you to test your idea, gauge initial interest and fix any glitches before entering large scale production.

    Guest speaker: Marius Lobontiu. Marius has 15+ years of experience as Senior UX designer in the startup and tech ecosytem where he led projects in requirements gathering, research, competitor analysis, information architecture, design audits, user testing, experience mapping, prototyping, workflow modeling, A/B testing. He is currently Head Of Product at Bink, a mobile application startup that has received $20M+ in funding so far.

    Contact us to catch up with this webinar on our dedicated Slack channel

  • Finance For Entrepreneurs

    Wednesday 6th May

    All entrepreneurs need a good, practical understanding of business finance. Learn how to balance the books and keep a healthy cash flow with real-world start-up finance tools and advice.

    Guest speakers:

    Paul Custance, vEx PwC Chartered Accountant

    Paul Custance was the Financial Director at Sony Music before founding “Lirica” an app which teaches languages through music. The app has won multiple awards (featured in Google Play’s “Best apps of 2018” and “App of the day” across multiple international Apple stores).

    Patrick Gilday, Investor at Global Founders Capital

    Global Founders Capital (GFC) is the largest Tech Fund from Europe with more than $4bn of available capital. They have been the main investor in some of the largest European tech companies such as Zalando ($15bn), Delivery Hero ($7bn) and Hello Fresh ($3bn).

    Contact us to catch up with this webinar on our dedicated Slack channel

  • Elevate Your Pitch

    Wednesday 13th May

    Get in-depth advice and support on developing a perfect pitch. Our experts will help you develop a successful business start-up pitch, one that communicates your unique value proposition and effectively convinces business partners, investors and your audience to buy into your idea.


What Does Each Module Offer?

Access to our Side Hustles online community: Take part in our private Slack group to share and exchange ideas with other professionals.

Online Live Q&A with facilitators and mentors: Join the conversation and get support from our experience team of experts.

Unlimited module video replay: Stay put and revisit the modules’s recorded session anytime anywhere.

Unlimited access to the module’s resources: Keep practicing and developing your business offline with exclusive templates and exercises

Who is the “Side Hustles” Online Programme For?

Our online accelerator programme is open to anyone who wants to run their own business, regardless of level of experience.

“This is a real and practical sprint-based process led by experienced venture-builders to help you make actual progress on your business idea, not a training to teach you theory. We do it for real”.

About Pearson College

We’re proud to partner with Pearson College London.
Pearson College London is part of Pearson PLC, the world’s leading learning company. They are a multinational publishing and education company listed on the London and New York Stock Exchanges, and a constituent of the FTSE 100 index.

Pearson College is an educational institution that provides undergraduate, postgraduate, apprenticeships and short courses. All of their courses are designed to accelerate students’ careers and expand students’ horizons. Courses, including the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme, are held in a unique, supportive environment where everyone can reach their full potential.


“I am really happy that I attended this weekend. It feels like all the ideas I have in mind might one day become real. Since I have zero knowledge in business and entrepreneurial stuff, this course was proved to be really helpful. It opened my horizons and the ability to think in a different way. Will highly recommend it to other entrepreneurs.”

Maria Soares Cachide de Almeida

“The steps taken to generate an idea felt very useful. I was surprised to realise how an idea can come out of seemingly nowhere. Other people’s feedback of what they found useful at the end of exercises felt eye-opening to some aspects that were not evident in the beginning.”

Marian Robert

“I really liked the fact it was very much interactive and practical. The whole process helped us have better understanding of our ideas. I think every activity is well-organized and almost perfect, it was a really great weekend!!”.

Anbing Xu

“This was one of the best and most useful events I’ve attended and would definitely recommend this to everyone. It was very practical, informative and interactive – a really good kickstart for anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.”

Giulio Scola

“I found the weekend very useful as it helped me tap into aspects of my idea that I never thought about by asking key questions to myself, as well as assessing its need within the market place.”

Imran Saro-Gobir

“Overall, I really enjoyed all the sessions, and this was an outstanding weekend learning experience. I can definitely say that this was one of the best courses I ever attended! Thank you so much for this amazing experience.”

Sandra Magalhães

Thank you, Studio Zao really helped accelerate my business with the seminar I attended in the summer – thank you!

Anthea Kolitsas LSE

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