Innovation Portfolios & Experimentation for Corporate Innovation

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Venture Building: How to Launch a Business Idea

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What Is Intrapreneurship And How Can It Accelerate Corporate Innovation?

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How Innovation Leaders Can Respond to COVID

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What We Learnt As Intrapreneurs and Why We Exist | Studio Zao

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How to Spot Intrapreneurial Talent: Psychological Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Discover 5 ways to spot intrapreneurial skills and promote entrepreneurial talent within your organisation. By guest author Teresa Kotlicka

Actionable Innovation Strategies: How To Thrive In Uncertain Times

Discover how your business can adopt lean entrepreneurship to boost corporate innovation. Embrace the future of business with Studio Zao.

Key Principles Of Lean Entrepreneurship For Corporate Innovation

Discover how your business can adopt lean entrepreneurship to boost corporate innovation. Embrace the future of business with Studio Zao.

Why Is Intrapreneurship Important for The Future of Work?

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How Creativity Drives a Culture of Innovation

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What Is Intrapreneurship vs. Entrepreneurship?

Explore the difference between intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship to inject some fresh ideas into your business.

Embedding Corporate Entrepreneurship into Your Company

Learn about the importance of corporate entrepreneurship and how to embed it into your organisation with a lesson from an intrapreneur

How To Launch New Products and Innovation In Healthcare

Five practical pieces of advice from Babylon Health, Affect.AI, and Imperial College Health Partners of the NHS, about how entrepreneurs and startups can innovate and launch new products successfully for the healthcare system.

How Google, Uber, Speedo and Ellesse Fostered Innovation Culture and Intrapreneurship

Five practical tips from Google, Uber, Speedo, Lacoste, Ellesse, Kickers and Karin Millen on how to identify internal entrepreneurial talent and support them to drive sustainable innovation.

Five Things You Need To Know To Succeed As A Corporate Entrepreneur

Learn what are the five key things you need to know to succeed as a Corporate Entrepreneur and in Intrapreneurship. And why innovating within large organisations is not just a pain, but a potential unfair advantage.

5 key Steps To Prepare the Perfect Pitch Deck for your Business Idea

We have been able to come up with a simple 5 steps template for the invincible pitch deck after having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and having helped them raise millions of pounds in pre-seed and seed funding.

How To Compile A Lean Canvas, The Business Plan In One Page

Have a business idea? Take the first step of your Lean entrepreneurship journey by compiling a Lean Canvas.

What Customer Discovery Questions To Ask To Validate Pain Points

Learn how to validate assumptions about customers’ problems by conducting informal customer discovery interviews.

How To Identify Early Adopters For A Business Idea

Four practical steps to identify early adopters and start getting traction for a business idea. A process tested with hundreds of entrepreneurs.

How To Select A Test To Get Market Validation For A Business Idea

Thirteen Lean Startup experiments to validate a new business idea. Learn how to launch successfully while minimising upfront investment and risk.

What Is Problem-Solution Fit, And How To Achieve It

Four practical steps to achieve problem-solution fit by aligning a valuable customer segment and their underserved need with the value proposition of a business idea.

How To Validate A Business Idea With The Least Possible Investment

Seven options to test a business idea on the market by minimising risk and investment. Spoiler alert: building and selling the product is only the last one.

How To Compile A Customer-Centric Competitive Analysis

Eight practical steps to map out competitors while keeping customers at the core of the process.

How To Recruit Early Adopters For Customer Discovery Interviews

Recruiting customers might be a difficult task, especially if your business idea is outside your current domain of expertise. Learn plenty of practical tips on how to identify and recruit them.

10 Tips To Conduct Customer Discovery Interviews

While Customer Discovery interviews provide entrepreneurs with powerful insights about their target customers’ needs, it might be difficult to conduct them without any experience. Here are ten tips from our experience.

The Five Most Common Mistakes For Early Stage Startups, And How To Avoid Them

After having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe, we have been able to spot a pattern of the five most common mistakes early stage startups make. And to figure out how to avoid them.

Why Developing A Technical Prototype Is Not The First Thing To Do When You Have A Business Idea

Very often companies and entrepreneurs start working on a technical prototype as soon as they have a new business idea. Learn what you should do instead to be successful while minimising risk and costs at the same time.

Why Most Startups Fail And What’s The Best Plan To Succeed

The sad truth about entrepreneurship is that most early stage startups fail. The good news is that they mostly fail because they launch something for which there is no market need. Learn here how to avoid this from happening, and to launch a successful new business by going through a process we have tested with hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Why Surveys Are Not Effective To Gather Insights On A New Business Idea

As soon as we have a business idea, it might be tempting to put up an online survey to quickly gather some insights to clarify our thoughts and hopefully get a green light to proceed. However, there are at least three reasons why this is not a good idea.

Why A Business Plan Is Not The First Thing To Do When You Have A Business Idea

Don’t waste precious time to compile a business plan full of assumptions that no-one will ever read. When you have a business idea, follow this seven steps instead to get clarity and credibility.