entrepreneur and intrapreneur

What Is Intrapreneurship vs. Entrepreneurship?

Explore the difference between intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship to inject some fresh ideas into your business.

What is Intrapreneurship And How It Can Accelerate Corporate Innovation

Discover what is intrapreneurship, and how companies can use it to foster innovation and accelerate transformation. Download the full white paper to learn more.

How to Spot Intrapreneurial Talent: Psychological Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Discover 5 ways to spot intrapreneurial skills and promote entrepreneurial talent within your organisation. By guest author Teresa Kotlicka

AI & The Future of Work

Why Is Intrapreneurship Important for The Future of Work?

Discover how businesses can prepare their people for the future of work and AI. Make yourself indispensable in a tech-orientated world with Studio Zao.

Studio Zao

What We Learnt As Intrapreneurs and Why We Exist | Studio Zao

Discover the origins of Studio Zao & why we came to be. Learn about our founders & how they plan to change the way we think about corporate innovation.

Intrapreneurship Training

Embedding Corporate Entrepreneurship into Your Company

Learn about the importance of corporate entrepreneurship and how to embed it into your organisation with a lesson from an intrapreneur.

Google and Uber internal entrepreneurship

How Google, Uber, Speedo and Ellesse Fostered Innovation Culture and Intrapreneurship

Five practical tips from Google, Uber, Speedo, Lacoste, Ellesse, Kickers and Karin Millen on how to identify internal entrepreneurial talent and support them to drive sustainable innovation.

Five Things You Need To Know To Succeed As A Corporate Entrepreneur

Learn what are the five key things you need to know to succeed as a Corporate Entrepreneur and in Intrapreneurship. And why innovating within large organisations is not just a pain, but a potential unfair advantage.

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