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To plan for the future, you first need to understand the present

Many executives face headlines of innovation, digitalisation, and disruption and understand they need to act. However, this requires new knowledge, alignment between leaders on what can realistically be gained and what is the best way to go about it.

Problems We Solve

What type of innovation is right for your organisation and how to get started?

How can you align all stakeholders on an overall strategic direction to drive organisational resilience?

How might your leaders chart a clear way forward in uncertain times?

How we work with you

We help our clients uncover deeper insights and formalise a portfolio of growth opportunities that could be launched to market with their internal teams.


Assess your organisation’s capability to innovate

An intensive and rapid 2-4 week process of problem assessment and emerging trends analysis to understand where you currently stand in terms of strategy, capabilities, culture and governance.


Align your leadership on a strategic direction

A series of strategic innovation workshops involving cross-functional senior leaders to share findings, select opportunities and set out an execution roadmap.


Build and execute a roadmap of growth opportunities

A programme of innovation initiatives each driving specific outcomes and returns – from growing new solutions to driving talent retention and optimising costs.nior leaders to share findings, select opportunities and set out an execution roadmap.

Is your company ready to innovate?

Our Innovation Readiness assessment helps you understand how ready your organisation is to start applying innovation effectively.

“Working with Studio Zao was a real pleasure. Not only do they bring diverse and innovative strategic thinking but they also truly partnered with us, sharing insights and taking on feedback to co-create a great output. They also understand the importance of talent together with innovation.”

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