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Defining Agile and the Strategic Business Value of Agile for the New Smoke-Free Products Division

We helped Philip Morris International align senior leadership on what a meaningful Agile Transformation Strategy could mean for their Smoke Free Products division.


As a new CEO took over in 2021, Philip Morris International doubled-down on its ambition of creating a “smoke-free future” through the creation of the Smoke-Free Products division (SFP).

In this context, a new, more agile way of working was seen as a crucial enabler to innovating and achieving this vision. 


SFP’s Agile Transformation team asked us to help them define what Agile means for them, align key stakeholders on the roadmap for instilling Agile in their operating model, and create an engine to use Agile for more productive innovation.


Understanding Nuance

We engaged with key internal stakeholders to get a better understanding of the current ways of working, frictions and opportunities.

Co-Designing an Agile Change Journey

We defined a gradual and comprehensive approach to help PMI embrace an Agile way of working, and enable internal leaders to deliver the ambitious business transformation programme. This included a series of interviews, surveys and workshops:

  • We aligned the team on the “problem that Agile solves” for SFP

  • We built-out a three-stage journey of change for Agile methods to be co-designed, tested, proven and scaled-up

  • We co-designed an ROI framework for measuring the business value of implementing this Agile approach


Our partnership is ongoing.

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