intrapreneurship keynote

Hosted a Remote Keynote to Foster Intrapreneurship

intrapreneurship keynote

We delivered a virtual keynote to introduce the importance of intrapreneurial talent and the significant impact it can have in Vodafone’s innovation projects, providing attendees with a few practical steps they can apply for driving innovation forcefully.


Vodafone is a world-leading technology communications company with 625 million+ global customers, a presence in 65 countries and 94 million+ business IoT connections. Their purpose is to “connect for a better future” and their expertise and scale gives them a unique opportunity to drive positive change for society.


Vodafone is a leader in innovation and has a strong focus on bringing the future forward, and looking inwards for inspiration, collaboration and new ideas. In this rapidly evolving and disrupted world, they are aware of the need for transformation and innovation in order to progress and succeed in the telecommunications sector.

Vodafone asked Studio Zao to collaborate with V-Lab team, Vodafone’s first employee innovation, collaboration and global events space, to deliver a virtual keynote available for over 10K employees, with representation in over 20 markets. This keynote was aimed at exploring the potential of intrapreneurs as key drivers of successful innovation, sharing real examples and top tips they could start applying from today.

intrapreneurship keynote


We worked closely with V-Lab Team to design a remote keynote that provides valuable information about the importance of intrapreneurship, questions the status quo and inspires internal talent based in over 20 markets to unleash their inner intrapreneur.

We explained the concept of intrapreneurship and why it is needed in the current landscape. After providing a context, we shared all our insights on how organisations can unlock, develop and empower their internal talent, putting forward a few top tips to succeed as an intrapreneur within a large organisation.

We also introduced two key top-down and bottom-up approaches supported by case studies and examples that reflected actionable steps to develop intrapreneurship. To conclude, we wrapped up the session with an insightful and reflective Q&A.

The top-down approach introduced an overview of the 3 stages organisations should implement to unleash, develop and harness intrapreneurship within the telecommunications industry. The 3 stages include:

intrapreneurship keynote


Align leaders on strategic transformation priorities and understand current capability levels. Provide intrapreneurs with executive-aligned strategic direction and innovation “sandboxes” to define their assumptions about the future of their sector and focus their innovation efforts on specific areas of their market opportunity.


Empower intrapreneurs and collaborate with them to execute the transformation. At this stage, organisations upskill talent on must-have techniques, e.g. Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Speculative Design. Identify and enable Intrapreneurs, the beating heart of successful transformation and innovation. Finally, they create digital tools and resources able to sustain innovation and spread Intrapreneurial capabilities.


Embed intrapreneurial capabilities to be part of organisational DNA. Implement structures that enable intrapreneurial behaviours while adopting measurement frameworks, such as output metrics and cultural metrics, that incentivise and reward these behaviours.

Subsequently, we introduced our bottom-up approach, the 6-step IMPACT Framework that helps intrapreneurs to deploy innovation projects more effectively and successfully. 

At the end of the keynote, attendees have been asked to work on three key reflections related to the next steps for their innovative ideas.

intrapreneurship keynote


The virtual keynote and Q&A debate helped Vodafone’s employees get a valuable overview on how to embrace intrapreneurship and implement key innovation strategies to effectively deal with the time, resources and cultural challenges associated with their innovation journey.

It sparked a broader discussion that inspired Vodafone’s workforce to think more intrapreneurially and submit more innovative ideas while also creating a conversation around how to take new projects into market. 

Vodafone’s employees were able to understand the value of intrapreneurship and take the first steps to start their intrapreneurial journey and innovate internally.

What our clients say

“We hosted the most awesome global webinar with Studio Zao on “The Power of Intrapreneurship and Innovation” and it was an exciting journey of an intrapreneur, with practical tools and ideas, inspiring stories and an amazing passion for innovation.”

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intrapreneurship keynote