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Delivered a Remote Business Case Development Programme

We helped the Chief Digital Officer at AptarGroup secure ExComm approval for a new digital product to pilot with their global FMCG customers.


Aptar is a global supplier of a broad range of innovative consumer packaging solutions, working with top brands in over 15 countries. Their innovative solutions serve a variety of end markets including pharmaceutical, beauty, personal care, home, food and beverage.


Aptar is an integral part of the value chain of multiple consumer-facing industries. Nowadays, consumers’ expectations of change and innovation are highly demanding, and brands need to continuously improve their offerings and operations to keep up.

Aptar saw an opportunity to offer a digital product to help its top customers serve consumer demand better and faster. The product also showed promise for many spin-off products in the long term. 

The Chief Digital Officer asked us to design and facilitate a series of workshops to help create a business case and venture development roadmap for the digital product. 


We designed a 1-month programme to bring relevant internal stakeholders from different departments together to prepare a business case and define a roadmap, with the objective to ultimately create a coalition around the digital product.

Stakeholder Alignment

We engaged 1-1 with 15 internal functional global leaders in order to gather information and set expectations about the strategic value and customer value proposition of the venture idea.

Virtual Workshops

We delivered two virtual workshops to help these stakeholders co-create a business case, monetisation model and customer testing programme that they could all buy into. 

FMCG manufacturing is a highly integrated process, so companies’ internal challenges often get passed on downstream in the supply chain, to their own customers. Where otherwise account managers would be the only members in a value proposition discussion, we included back-office leaders in both workshops to give a fresh perspective on the company’s own internal frictions and working culture.


As a result of the workshop, we helped the Chief Digital Officer finalise a business case with collective support from all stakeholders and customer-validated insights for the divisional ExComm.

The programme catalysed a series of regional digital innovation programmes across Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

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