Entrepreneurial Capability Development Framework™️

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Align senior stakeholders and intrapreneurs on the strategic priorities of transformation.

We assess your current entrepreneurial capabilities and activities while aligning your senior stakeholders on the strategic transformation agenda to form an innovation roadmap.

  • Strategic Alignment — align on the innovation goals and imperatives of your transformation agenda.
  • Entrepreneurial Capability Assessment — understand your current entrepreneurial capabilities, activities and intrapreneurs.
  • Innovation Roadmap — define a roadmap to drive innovation, empower intrapreneurs and embed long-lasting entrepreneurial capabilities.
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Empower intrapreneurs and partner with them to effectively execute innovation and transformation.

We channel your intrapreneurs to address the key strategic challenges and innovation opportunities of your transformation while simultaneously upskilling them.

  • Entrepreneurial Upskilling — strengthen entrepreneurial leadership, learning and development, at all levels.
  • Innovation Acceleration — ideate innovation propositions and develop new solutions, products, services or ventures.
  • Market Validation — validate the viability, feasibility and scalability of innovation propositions.
  • Entrepreneurial Capability Monitoring — monitor and assess entrepreneurial capability on a continual basis.


Embed entrepreneurial capabilities to become part of organisational DNA.

We support you to scale and sustain your entrepreneurial capabilities, ensuring they are long-lasting, even without us.

  • Innovation Governance — implement best practice operating structures for innovation funding, control, ROI measurement and decision-making.
  • Entrepreneurial Capability Review — review strategic alignment and entrepreneurial capabilities quarterly with senior stakeholders and intrapreneurs.
  • Innovation Coaching — coach and support the ongoing growth and scaling of your innovation portfolio.
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