lean roadmap innovation

Defined A Lean Innovation Strategy For Asset Management Firm

lean roadmap innovation

Studio Zao created a Lean Innovation Strategy for a hedge fund to achieve strategic growth and mindset shifts that would be needed to support its evolution in the future of finance. We created a Roadmap for a hedge fund with $7B of assets under management that can be implemented practically and achieve strategic market re-positioning.


Our client was a leading asset management firm/hedge fund based in Mayfair, London, with c.$7bn of assets under management, seeking to understand the future of the asset management and investment industry and how to win in it.


The CTO asked us to help them devise an innovation strategy fit for transforming an organisation steeped in traditional technologies, processes and mindsets — a strategy that presented a path towards practical short-term returns but with a clear line of sight to a transformational future. They were interested in frameworks that would enable entrepreneurial talent to flourish within the company to create new revenue streams.


We designed and conducted a Lean Innovation Strategy Workshop, which included the CTO and Head of Operations, to help them clearly understand and articulate the capabilities, resources and skills required to achieve their strategic ambitions both in the short term and the long term.

Our workshop process allowed the team to collectively envision the preferred future state of the company and align on what needs to change to make this preferred future a reality.


We created a lean innovation roadmap for them based on a collective thesis of how their organisation and industry will evolve over time. This included three innovation programme designs, founded on Lean Startup and systematic entrepreneurship principles, to help the organisation become more entrepreneurial.

How to deliver a Lean Innovation strategy?

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lean roadmap innovation