White Paper 2020

The Importance of Entrepreneurial Talent
in Times of Fundamental Transformation

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The world is changing faster than ever and the organisations who win will be the ones who can transform, adapt and thrive within a context of change and uncertainty.

Estimated reduction in global GDP over the next 20 months due to COVID-19.
(IMF, 2020)

 Jobs potentially displaced by adoption of automation and AI.
(McKinsey, 2020)

Employees believe their job will not exist in a few years due to AI and automation.
(Mercer, 2020)

Expected decline in global retail sales in 2020, a loss of $2.1 trillion globally.
(Forrester, 2020)

Intrapreneurs are the beating heart of forward-thinking organisations and transformations.

After working with clients across a range of industries, we agree that the need for strategic transformation and innovation has never been more pressing, yet we’ve also seen that most organisations lack the crucial entrepreneurial capabilities and culture required for successful transformation.

Now, during times of fundamental change, organisations have to pay attention to – and empower, Intrapreneurs.

At Studio Zao we create systems to allow entrepreneurial individuals within organisations — or Intrapreneurs — to drive and execute innovation and transformative initiatives. That’s why we have collected all of our learnings and insights in 45 cohesive pages that explore how to identify, empower and unleash the potential of Intrapreneurs as key drivers of change from within.

We hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to get in touch should it spark any questions or ideas.

What Is An Intrapreneur?

An Intrapreneur is an entrepreneurially-talented individual working within an organisation who uses creative problem-solving skills to capture value-generating opportunities — developing ambitious ideas into scalable solutions or market propositions that drive progress for their organisations and society.

Intrapreneurs Unleashing Internal Entrepreneurial Talent for Corporate Innovation

What You Will Find In The White Paper

  • The Rise Of Intrapreneurs

    • A Changing World

    • What Is An Intrapreneur?

    • What Is the Difference Between Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs?

    • Why Are Intrapreneurs Important?

  • The Role Of Intrapreneurs In Corporate Innovation

    • Corporate Innovation in 2020 and Beyond

    • Innovation Portfolios and Experimentation

    • How Can Intrapreneurship Impact Corporate Innovation?

  • Identifying And Nurturing Intrapreneurs

    • How to Identify Intrapreneurs

    • Nurturing and Fostering an Entrepreneurial Culture

  • Spotlight On An Intrapreneur

    • How to Succeed as an Intrapreneur

    • What Are the Key Skills Required for Intrapreneurs to Succeed?

    • What Are the Key Success Factors of an Intrapreneur Journey?

  • Final Takeaways On Intrapreneurs