pentland intrapreneurship

Built New Ventures and Developed Entrepreneurial Capabilities for Sport Brands

We supported the innovation team of Pentland Brands to identify 12 innovation challenges. Then we designed and delivered a bespoke venture ideation sprint to address them, and provided dedicated venture coaching so that 3 innovation ideas have been added to the development pipeline.

Created a Digital Suite of Innovation Tools and Resources for Remote Innovation Sprints

We designed and launched a repeatable Digital Product solution to allow a number of departments within the UK Civil Service to upgrade their intrapreneurship skills at scale by applying Lean Entrepreneurship principles to real challenges.

Helped Senior Leaders Learn and Implement Strategic Innovation Methods Through a Leadership Programme

We designed an experiential Strategic Innovation Leadership Programme to help the global executive leadership team of Sony Music Entertainment both learn and implement strategic innovation methods to create an innovation thesis for experimentation while fostering intrapreneurship.

Instilled Systematic Entrepreneurship Within Researchers

We have inspired researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research to develop their work into commercially viable products that can benefit patients and society at large through a yearly immersive two-day Entrepreneurial Bootcamp.