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Designed a New Operating Model for Pfizer’s UK Digital Healthcare Hub

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Pfizer is a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation. Pfizer UK had been successfully operating on of their innovation units, the Digital Healthcare Hub, for a number of years. 


Business priorities and conditions had changed following the COVID-19 pandemic, altering the landscape for focuses for the business and laying out questions around impact and return on investment. Pfizer asked us to help them align and co-design a refreshed version of the Digital Healthcare Hub that was fit-for-purpose in this new environment.


Engaging Business Unit Leaders

We know that the most important first step when setting out the roadmap for a new model / approach is to ensure strategic alignment and sponsorship at senior level. 

We engaged with BU leaders and the UK leadership team on expected outcomes and requirements to ensure buy-in, achieving consensus, managing expectations and setting a vision for “good”.

Co-Designing and Operating Blueprint for Success

We assessed the current state and mapped out at a high-level a more effective future state, based on feedback from the business and key design principles. This resulted in a co-designed operating blueprint for version 2.0 of the Digital Healthcare Hub that constituted four key dimensions:

  • Governance, Compliance & Decision Making

  • Process & Approach

  • People & Resourcing

  • Measurement

It looked at how digital health innovations can be better sourced, experimented, launched, enabled, funded and prioritised.


This new blueprint will form the basis for how version 2.0 of the Digital Healthcare Hub will operate going forward, being implemented first in the UK before scaling out to embed across Global functions.

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