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Delivering an Intrapreneurship business growth accelerator for SMEs in South London

intrapreneurship programme

We designed and delivered an intrapreneurship business growth accelerator program for SMEs within South London collaborating with five London borough councils to create and promote new opportunities in the area through innovation.


BIG (Business Innovation and Growth) is the South London Partnership initiative for boosting the South London economy through innovation-led economic growth.


BIG, led by Richmond Borough Council, commissioned us as the partner to design and deliver an intrapreneurship accelerator programme for small and medium enterprises in the region (SMEs), with the objective of creating new businesses, services & products whilst creating new jobs and improving productivity through innovation.


Building an Ecosystem of Innovation in South London

We collaborated with five London borough councils (Merton, Kingston, Sutton, Croydon & Richmond), alongside higher education institutions and other local anchor partners to activate and onboard a cohort of SMEs for acceleration. This also included teams from across South London Partnership organisations to take part in the programme alongside the local businesses.

Unlocking Opportunities, Pragmatically

The 8-week accelerator consisted of immersive workshops, mentoring, expert deep-dives, coaching, and a suite of digital tools, equipping teams of Intrapreneurs from SMEs and council partners with the tools and capabilities to innovate productively for their business and create opportunities for sustainable growth.


The programme enables SMEs to develop propositions to launch to market or drive business productivity; boosting the regional economic growth through creating new jobs, products/processes and partnerships across the community including HEI/FEI collaborations. By taking part in this programme, organisations are also embedding the capability and capacity to innovate productively and repeatedly, opening up new areas of exploration, collaboration and R&D within the community. 

These outcomes align with both GLA and UKSPF metrics of success. We have significant experience in delivering against these elements whilst reporting accurately to local authorities, on time.

Full outcomes expected to be available Sep-Dec 2023.

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